Flying Toblerone (2001 Welsh X Thoroughbred Medium gelding)

Toblerone possesses the highly desirable "gracious gentleman" temperament


  • Sire: Shenandoah Gamekeeper
    • Multi-time National Performance Champion in Welsh Hunter ('94), Welsh Pleasure ('94), Welsh Pleasure Driving (1991)
    • AHSA (now the USEF) Grand National Champion Horse of the Year 1994
  •  Dam: Buffer Zone: Thoroughbred 

Classic look and elegantly marked with a star and snip.

Beautiful movement. Toblerone goes nicely and responsibly under saddle, behaving angelically for young, inexperienced riders as well as advanced riders. He is dead quiet in the ring, on trails, and all around the farm and barn. He has impeccable temperament and is very willing. He is tremendously quiet. He does walk/trot/canter, fences. 

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Pictured above: Back in the day... 3 year-old Bandalore winning Reserve Champion in Mini Stirrup with a beginner, beginner 8 year-old boy.

Flying Bandalore aka Bam Bam ... a Superb Beginner to Advanced Pony
1998 bay 13.1 Welsh/Quarterhorse gelding. 
  • Gentle
  • Athletic
  • Bomb-proof (Hopefully not needed)
  • Buffalo-proof (Exhibited while vacationing in The Badlands, South Dakota)


(Left) Bandalore at the Dalton Fall Classic      Note (above): Tight knee tuck acquired from Gamekeeper 

  • Sire:  USEF, AHSA, WPCSA National Performance Champion Shenandoah Gamekeeper.
  • Dam: Three Star Codet, the daughter of legendary Quarterhorse stallion performance stallion Three Star Cody--National Hunter Champion and World Reining Champion. 
Bandalore's grand and great grand sires, all legends in their own right are:
  • Joe Cody
  • Bill Cody
  • Wimpy

What the kids say when asked, "How's he going for you?"  
Child: "He's the perfect kid's pony! I'm taking him in Children's Hunter next! He just did Short Stirrup and Walk/Trot. He's going in Lead-line later."
Me: "So he's being a good boy for you girls?"
Child: "Yup! He's such a good boy! And he's so fun to ride!"

*Note: Bandalore was leased a few years back with a professional children's riding lessons trainer who with her, won numerous championships at NPHA horse shows and all the way to Harrisburg for the PA 4-H State Championships.

On the Big Foot Ride in South Dakota:
Me: "Was he good for you today?"
Little Man: "Uh, huh."
Me: "Any trouble?"
Little Man: "Nope."
Me: "Good."

What the moms say:
"I don't worry when she's riding Bam Bam."
"Thank you.  It's been a great experience for her." (her daughter)

Bandalore is eligible green, honest to and over fences.  He has a 10+ floating movement and athleticism, and flying leads. He exhibits kind willingness and excellent  manners in all environments.  He has been consistently stellar such as in the following environments:
  • Wash stall, schooling, cross-ties, trailer--walks on without hesitation. 
  • NPHA Horse shows
  • Harrisburg Farm Show Complex and Coliseum for 4-H State Competitions
  • Cross country jumping, trail riding, stream crossings, mountain climbing, buttes in the Badlands of South Dakota
  • Big Foot Ride (Cheyenne River Lakota Reservation to site of the Wounded Knee Massacre on Pine Ridge Reservation): Riding in groups (over 150+ on the Big Foot Ride in South Dakota 2006 and for one day of the ride  Bandalore responsibly and safely carried a 10 year old Lakota boy as we rode into Wounded Knee, South Dakota from Porcupine, South Dakota.
  • Riding near wild buffalo in the Badlands, South Dakota.
  • On a cattle drive in Dell, Montana moving 1200 cows and calves to Centennial Valley
  • Riding near moose and in grizzly bear country (no bears experienced, Thank you, God) in Jackson Hole, Wyoming and Beaverhead National Forest near Dell, Montana.
  • On a cattle drive to Centennial Valley, and in the company of genuine cowboys, ranch hands and family of the Huntsman Ranch in Dell, Montana . . . and one annoying "Heeler dog" who kept nipping Bandalore on his fetlocks during the beginning of the drive as, in the dog's mind, Bandalore and I were "lagging behind" at the back end of the herd of 1200 cows and calves.
Bandalore has great hooves never requiring shoes.
  • Walk/trot/canter
  • Hunt courses with lead changes
  • Trained professionally
  • Shown by both professional rider and children
  • Consistently winning or placing in the ribbons 
  • He has amazing athletic ability and will soar over anything to which you put him. 
  • He's jumped up to 4' free lunging in an indoor and 3'6 with a 110-lb. rider.
  • He is a constant-- always quiet and capable over fences.

Bandalore taking a log jump in Water Meadow showing off his lovely tight, in-his-arm-pits knee tuck. Bandalore is unflappable and willing to any jump he is put to and quietly attends to the business at hand. 

  • Sire: Shenandoah Gamekeeper 
  • Dam: Turning Point (TB)
2000 dark bay with star Welsh/Thoroughbred. 

This very classical-looking mare is sweet, willing, and has gorgeous movement. She does walk/trot in the ring and is quiet on trails.
In 2006 she produced a lovely, tall bay colt with four white socks and a star who was owned and trained by Laura Collins.

Currently she has a 2015 bay colt at side and will start back in training when he is weaned.
Belle is a very patient pony with a willing attitude.

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